Sunday, October 18, 2015


I think that a powerful cause of why millions of poor americans [which are supposed to be by now full communists], are more anti-communism, more ultra-right-wingers and more full of vanity than rich people, is a psychologic problem, a behaviour script problem.  

In USA since the neoliberal economic model was introduced into this country with Reganomics and Thatcherism, the official behaviour script has been to be sort of lone-ranger Rambo, a mysanthropist, un-social, angry Robinson Crusoe who has no friends and can control his whole reality by his own self, without the need of politics at all, without even the need of The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, politics, news, and without the need of communicating their own personal sufferings with others.  That and the other personality disorder ingrained in most americans which is family-narcissism, and group-narcissism (most americans only care about members of their own families and members of their own specific group church, work place etc.  

The excess of pathological narcissism, individualist narcissism, group-narcissism and family-narcissism is powerful even in the majority of poor low-wage workers.  That's why most workers of blue collar painful jobs like Mcdonalds workers, the workers of Wal Marts, the workers of supermarkets, of grocery stores in America treat customers in a very bad way, because most low-wage workers in USA, most fast food workers live a shitty life, with shitty labor conditions [workers of Wal Marts have to eat their lunch in the parking lots], and all that mental, physical and emotional pain, has as a consequence the need of being narcissistic, angry, un-loving, un-social as an ego-boosting remedy.

US low-wage workers, know that they live a shitty hell on earth, but they have such low egoes, low self-esteems, [as a result of that very painful life], that instead of resorting to political activism, grass roots activism, protesting, etc. they resort to narcissism, deep competition with other poor people, hatred toward their own street neighbors, and competing with their own neighbors on who drives the best cars, who has the best green lawns, lots of envy, as a result of very painful and lives in a permanent state of existential vacuum (most poor americans are literally living a punishment of a life, without parties, without movie theaters, without music concerts) and getting into expensive cars [with debts], which forces most US poor people into a diabolical negative trap and circle, that it is very hard to escape from, called "The poverty trap" and "The vicious circle of poverty"

The poverty trap and the vicious circle of poverty is a mental emotional state, in which US poor people feel like shit, physically, mentally and emotionally, turns them into negative creeps, suicidal people, full of negative energies depressed and sad, and that depression and sadness itself makes them even poorer than they are, so it is a trap that is slowly and slow destroying about 200 million people in USA that are really poor, [some less poor than others] but most are living inside that negative energies hell.

Maybe when the economy gets worse and/or as a result of Bernie Sanders doing propaganda for the ideology of communism, and other mainstream icons like progressive celebrites etc.  along with a very hard economic crisis like the price of basic foods like chicken, eggs, cheese and ham getting very expensive [4 important high protein foods for low-wage classes] most poor americans who live inside the poverty trap and viscious circle of poverty.  Will get out of that negative hell and support the ideology of communism and communist parties.

But right now like i said, most poor americans are living inside a negative hell of negative vibrations, negative pessimist energies that forces them to behave very narcissistically, as an ego-boosting medicine for their depression.  And that is really a powerful impediment for poor americans to support communism and any leftist political option.

PS: But do not have any possitive hope, not much good can come out of a population, of the USA that suffers from deep narcissism and many other personality disorders.  Maybe USA needs a mental revolution first, a powerful psychologic revolution as a requirement for all poor americans to support the ideology of communism.  Because right now most poor americans are too shy, too quiet, too narcissists, too silent, too depressed, too negative and have many other mental problems that are the main impediment for a marxist party to rise to the White House and install a dictatorship of the proletariat